Secure calls, email and voicemail for your mobile devices.


Residential Protection

Expert protection for your home devices and family


Global Protection

Protecting your reputation, family and assets, wherever they are.



Information Security and Governance for Private and Public Sector organisations.


Virtually every day there is a story in the newspapers about some high profile person having their systems attacked or their reputation tarnished. Until now, there has been no single source of protection for individuals.
VIPIT Membership addresses this problem. We protect individuals from all the avenues of attack as well as being able to offer the type of security advice that is significantly superior to those typically used by Blue Chip organisations.


VIPIT, which is part of the Infosec Partners Group, was founded by highly reputable Information Security executives with over 20 years of experience in securing some of the world’s largest and most sensitive organisations.

Security Consultants at Infosec Partners are selected and formally trained to a high degree, having at least one of the following Security Management certifications: CESG CLAS, CISSP, CISM, CISA, BS7799 Lead Auditor (ISO27000), as well as vendor specific qualifications and experience in a mixture of environments from dedicated security consultancies to management roles within leading public and private sector organisations.

VIPIT clients are supported by the most senior Consultants, not just to ensure they receive the highest quality service and advice, but also to ensure the client has complete visibility and understanding of what is being done to protect their Personal Information and Reputation.
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Mobile devices are, by definition, ‘mobile‘ which means they are highly susceptible to loss and theft. With our service, we can prevent any data loss should the device be misplaced. We can even help locate it and, if needs be lock it and security wipe it remotely.

If you are concerned about the security of your voicemails, then our Secure Voicemail is the ideal solution for you. We can ensure that only you have access to your voicemails, and, should there be any unauthorised attempts to access, then we are informed.

Of course, it’s all very well having this protection in place, but you also need advice. You need it there and then, when it suits you, so we are open 24hours a day, 7 days a week, globally, to offer advice and support.

Vulnerability Test

Full security investigation and vulnerability assessment with recommendations for mobile device security.

Secure Voicemail

Fully secure two factor authentication for voice mailboxes to ensure no unauthorised access and notification of access attempts.

Secure Applications

Secure Mobile Phone App for your phone, tablet, laptop/notebook.

24/7 support and security advice for those devices.

We provide a 24/7 support service for security incidents 365 days a year providing a security consultant for security incident management.


Our Secure Residential Membership will make you and your family secure against external threats and attempted online intrusions.  We help identify where potential threats might come from, where the hidden ‘back doors’ to your system are and act to eliminate those holes within your information security.

Secure Data Storage

All data and personal information will be securely stored off site in a highly secure remote environment with nightly backups.

Secure Email Communications

Fully secure encrypted transmission of all emails containing sensitive information to any third party.

Secure Internet

Access to secure online web portal allowing anonymous web browsing and totally secure internet use from anywhere in the world.

Third Party Screening

We will investigate all staff and third party suppliers as well as the integration of their services to expose vulnerability and risk and advise action.


Your lifestyle takes you around the world, on business, on holiday or just visiting friends and family.  You should be equally as secure when you travel and in the places that you visit, but you are leaving the secure environment of your home.  VIPIT’s Global Membership can provide you with the protection and advice you need.  We can implement the same level of protection for your additional properties, Yacht, Hotel or time-share properties.

Multiple properties & locations (worldwide)

We assess your Global environment for risk, and provide a shield of security in all your residential or visiting locations.

Personal Information Profiling and Security Review

Security review of workplace, home, holiday homes, “lifestyle”, children (e.g. university, gap year, Facebook, etc.) and other assets (such as yachts, planes, etc.).

Risk assessment and Improvement Recommendations

Assessment of level of risk to information, reputation, data and families as well as assets resulting in Identification of security weak spots and recommend resolutions and highlight less vulnerable areas which require monitoring.

Proactive Reputation Monitoring and Protection

Removal and mitigation of negative comments effecting reputation. Constant monitoring of personal reputation with bespoke “Action Plan” for attacks on reputation and how they should be dealt with.


Offering a new, secure, privileged level of service, VIPIT provides:

Security of personal information

Peace of mind that all the information covered by the chosen level of service is secure, and that if you adopt our Global service, your reputation is being constantly monitored.

Secure web browsing and internet use

All data transmitted over the Internet is encrypted using a secure encrypted protocol known as SSL.

Enhanced protective tools

Transmission of sensitive information to any email user without the installation of software or keys.

Enhanced encryption of communication

Online collaboration without the need to email copies of sensitive data to non-secure recipients.


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