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Virtually every day there is a story in the newspapers about some high profile person having their systems attacked or their reputation tarnished. Until now, there has been no single source of protection for individuals.

VIPIT Membership addresses this problem. We protect individuals from all the avenues of attack as well as being able to offer the type of security advice that is significantly superior to those typically used by Blue Chip organisations.



VIPIT, which is part of the Infosec Partners Group, was founded by highly reputable Information Security executives with over 20 years of experience in securing some of the world’s largest and most sensitive organisations.

Infosec Partners - Cybe Security

Security Consultants at Infosec Partners are selected and formally trained to a high degree, having at least one of the following Security Management certifications: CESG CLAS, CISSP, CISM, CISA, BS7799 Lead Auditor (ISO27000), as well as vendor specific qualifications and experience in a mixture of environments from dedicated security consultancies to management roles within leading public and private sector organisations.

VIPIT clients are supported by the most senior Consultants, not just to ensure they receive the highest quality service and advice, but also to ensure the client has complete visibilty and understanding of what is being done to protect their Personal Information and Reputation.

For more information about Infosec Partners and their Enterprise Security solutions, please visit www.infosecpartners.com

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For more information & a quote


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