Your lifestyle takes you around the world, on business, on holiday or just visiting friends and family.  You should be equally as secure when you travel and in the places that you visit, but you are leaving the secure environment of your home.  VIPIT’s Global Membership can provide you with the protection and advice you need.  We can implement the same level of protection for your additional properties, Yacht, Hotel or time-share properties. 


Multiple properties & locations (worldwide)

 We assess your Global environment for risk, and provide a shield of security in all your residential or visiting locations. 

Personal Information Profiling and Security Review

 Security review of workplace, home, holiday homes, “lifestyle”, children (e.g. university, gap year, Facebook, etc.) and other assets (such as yachts, planes, etc.). 

Risk assessment and Improvement Recommendations

Assessment of level of risk to information, reputation, data and families as well as assets resulting in Identification of security weak spots and recommend resolutions and highlight less vulnerable areas which require monitoring.

Proactive Reputation Monitoring and Protection 

Removal and mitigation of negative comments effecting reputation. Constant monitoring of personal reputation with bespoke “Action Plan” for attacks on reputation and how they should be dealt with.

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